Daring to touch Radha. Collapse of the USSR

The book «Безоружная любовь» ("Unarmed Love") was published in Russian in 1989 by the publishing house "Moskovsky Rabochy" with 15,000 copies, under the pseudonym of O.P. Martynov, since at that time it was impossible to disclose the names of high personages described in the book. The book sold out pretty quickly in the USSR. Now this book is unavailable, even on second-hand bookshops. In 1993, an English translation of this book entitled “Daring to touch Radha” was published by Academic Express, Lviv. Some time ago this book was on sale at for $ 100.

In the book, the author describes and explains to his wife Anh the economic and socio-psychological situation that arose in our country in the years before the collapse of the USSR. His wife Anh was the daughter of the leader of Vietnam Le Duan, whose leadership led the Vietnamese to victory over the French, then over the Americans and was defeated Khmer Rouge regime in Kampuchea.

The author gives concrete examples from his own life to show his wife, devoted to communist ideology, the inevitability of the approaching collapse of the Soviet Union.

The author and the publisher tried to hide under false names the true characters of the author's family history, the tragedy of which his beloved wife predicted to him.

In post-Soviet times, several TV films were shot about the author's tragic family history; this topic was also covered in numerous popular periodicals. In particular, the article «Грешная любовь» ("Sinful Love"), published in the magazine «Караван историй» ("Caravan of stories") (No. 6, 2015), caused a stormy response from Vietnamese readers (see, lieu / Ve-cau-chuyen-tinh-cua-con-gai-Tong-Bi-thu-Le-Duan-voi-vien-si-khoa-hoc-Nga-405658 / ).

The book was originally written as a detective story with no clues. In this edition, the names hidden in the first edition are revealed and riddles previously unknown to the author are unraveled.


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Victor Pavlovich Maslov is a Russian mathematician, full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He is an author of numerous scientific works in mathematics, mathematical physics, mathematical economics and humanitarian papers.
Maslov is a laureate of state prizes of the USSR and the Russian Federation, the Lenin Prize, the Demidov Prize and the Triumph Prize. He lives in Moscow.

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